About Us

Zomi Store

Zomi Store’s iconic regal festival and celebration wear label is a one up to his signature royal ethnic style, transforming and empowering women of modern era. His mesmerizing style is a work of nature inspired complementing colors showcasing elegance, glamour, refine tones, royalty and belief. He focuses on blending organic colors with classic embroideries in asymmetrically designed patterns on hand picked woven fabrics. His latest inclusion of handcrafted subtle accessories with collection will be trendsetter.

One of the leading fashion designers in jaipur, Zomi Store finds his inspiration directly from his forefathers, whose designs have been in high demand in several European countries since the mid twentieth century. Back then, getting even a single piece ready was an arduous and time-taking process as different layers of printing and designing were exclusively available across distinct parts of the country.

Today, however, with the ever-growing demand for traditional Indian arts around the world, the focus has shifted significantly on the quantity while maintaining the same level of elegance and quality as before. By eliminating the complexity and redundancy in the traditional design process, he has worked hard in building a brand that offers finished products with complete work under a single label, Zomi Store.